About us

The educational policy of ClarkUniversity consists in the following:

Master’s Degree Programs lay stress on working out skills. These skills are necessary for a manager to work in public administration sphere, to run an independent project or a company as a whole, to work with a staff, to attract customers, to promote goods and services.

The plane of graduation from Master’s degree programs will help students to make a career as a professional manager in public administration sphere, in Information Technology or Professional Communication sphere in leading Russian and foreign companies or to continue education in Ph.D. programs in leading universities of the world.

The ClarkUniversity policy in Master’s degree programs is directed on:

- preparation of high qualified leaders in business and politics, instructors, and researchers;

- promotion and support of hands-on research on economics;

- realization of high international standards in economics, business and in-depth exploration.

The goal of ASU (AstrakhanStateUniversity) at present consists in the following:

to become an important international university in the South-East of Russia that creates new, educational and innovational unity in the region’s economy.

The basic functions of the University consist not only in preparation specialists and fundamental researchers but in export of educational services and transferring new technologies of industry and business.

AstrakhanStateUniversity has long-standing traditions of academic training (activity). Besides ASU is one of the most quickly renovating universities in Russia that combines traditions and modern technologies.