When enrolling do I become a student of Clark University?

- Yes, you become a student of Clark University and have the same rights and privileges as students who study at Clark University in the United States.

Where is the Clark University diploma recognized?

- The Clark University Diploma is recognized in the European Union and the USA, it is recognized in business circles, training centers and universities of 86 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia).

When do the classes begin? When do I need to apply for admission?

- Classes begin in September or February. Documents are accepted one to two months prior to the beginning of the classes.

What is the duration of the semesters?

- The duration of the Master’s program is 1.5 years (5 semesters for 14 weeks each).

What time do the classes take place?

- Classes are 2 times a week in the evening (from 6 pm to 9 pm).

How do you pay?

- Payment is made one week before the beginning of the semester.

 Could I take an academic leave?

- Yes. If necessary, a student takes an academic leave for a period not exceeding 3 years. In addition, if the student cannot complete the course by the end of the semester (illness, business trip, etc.), he can do it no later than the end of the next semester.

Can the student fee change during the period of studies?

- No.

Shall I purchase textbooks for classes?

- No. The library fund of the Center for International Projects and Educational Programs fully satisfies the need of students. Materials of the electronic library of Clark University are also available for the students.

How do students defend their graduation project?

- Students write the final project (Capstone). In the framework of this project, students perform scientific and at the same time practice-oriented work under the guidance of tutors specializing in a particular field. Capstone’s defense takes place during a Skype or Zoom conference with the participation of professors of Clark University (USA).

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