Summer 2017


Summer 2017, Professor Cher de Rossiter teaches:

- Research methods and strategies

- Intercultural Communications

Arrival of Cher de Rossiter


Spring 2017 is coming to an end.

Summer 2017 will start soon!

Traditionally, Cher de Rossiter will arrive at Astrakhan State University, she will teach two classes:

- Intercultural Communication

- Research Methods & Strategies.

Graduation Ceremony 2016


More than 100 students joined the ranks of Clark University alumni recently during commencement exercises at Clark’s programs in Astrakhan, Russia and Warsaw, Poland. William Fisher, associate provost and dean of graduate studies, Amy Daly Gardner, associate dean for international programs, and John Chetro-Szivos, associate dean for professional and online education, attended the ceremony in Poland. Fisher and Daly Gardner attended the Russian ceremony.

The students in the Astrakhan program, who earned master’s degrees in professional…..

Summer Semester 2016 in U.S


Our students share their impressions of studying in Clark University in U.S.

My first impression after arrival in U.S.A. was not so good, it must have been a long flight. However, after a couple of days, I get used to the time difference, and to the air that differs from Astrakhan, and to summer without high temperatures. Of the pros, I would highlight the close location of the university, a four-story library and multiculturalism, and from the minuses…..

Clark University Associate Provost and Dean in ASU


July, 2016, William Fisher, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, and Amy Cecilia Daly Gardner, Associate Dean International Programs have visited Russian American Center. They had a tour in New Campus of ASU, It should be noted that the campus was built taking into account the experience of other universities and energy saving technologies.

After discussing the pressing issues of the educational process, Amy and William met with the teaching staff, and then…..

Capstone 2016


May 27, 2016, students defended their Capstone projects.

- Designing the evaluation model of the ASU`s professors work.


- Developing advertising campaign of a brick factory “Initiator” in the Internet.

- System of alignment of communicative process between ASU students and ASU administration.

Programs’ presentation


On May 11, within the framework of the International Forum on the development of youth exchanges in the field of student sport (ASU), a presentation of joint master’s programs of Clark University and ASU was held at the Russian-American Center for guests from Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.