Business Intelligence


Aleksandr Vasilevich Koshkarov, PhD in in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Chair of Mathematics & Mathematics Teaching Technique, answers the question “How can data help a company outperform its competitors?”

Answer: The data that companies collect or can collect, potentially contain “insights” that you can use if you want to know better your customers, their needs and promotion channels. When you apply methods of extracting valuable knowledge from data, your company can go a few steps ahead of its…..

About “Project management” course


We offer a new course – “Project management” this semester. This course is elective, but we would reccomend it to our students. Why? Instructor of the discipline, PhD Yuliya Tomashevskaya, answer this question. ” Project management” Institute’s report found a dramatic increase in the number of jobs expected to require project-oriented skills and a significant uptick in the demand for projecr talent till 2027. In the U.S. alone employers will need to fill nearly 2.1 million new project-oriented…..

Christmas party


Our Christmas party!
We talked, drank tea, gave presents and did funny Christmas craft.
Merry Christmas!

MSIT student, Solomon Kyere about his studies at Clark


My Experience As An International Student At Clark University Of Astrakhan.

I am an international student from Ghana, and am currently a master student at Clark University of Astrakhan-Russia.

After completing a first degree of Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Development Studies (Environment and Resource Management), I decided to further a master program in Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) at Clark University Astrakhan.

My experience as international student at Clark University Astrakhan, Russia Campus are based on the following development;


Clark apartment listing service

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Good news! Now to find an apartments in Worcester for our students is easy owing to Clark apartment listing service. It’s powered by Jump Off-Campus. You can pay a rent by credit card or Pay Pal.

Master of Science in Professional Communication


New Concentrations of Master of Science in Professional Communication

MSPC Concentrations (four electives from a chosen area of concentration and one elective of choice from any SPS course)

Digital Media Concentration (Choose 4)

Digital media are continually transforming the way consumers and businesses interact and has significant impact on social life as well. Students in this program will develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the role media plays in contemporary society. Students learn how to leverage…..