Summer Semester 2016 in U.S


Our students share their impressions of studying in Clark University in U.S.

My first impression after arrival in U.S.A. was not so good, it must have been a long flight. However, after a couple of days, I get used to the time difference, and to the air that differs from Astrakhan, and to summer without high temperatures. Of the pros, I would highlight the close location of the university, a four-story library and multiculturalism, and from the minuses … the high cost of food.

Klimenko Irina, MSPC

I live near the university, I go to the pool. Classes are very interesting, and enlightening. I had a very short time to adapt. People are very friendly. University staff answer any questions, always smile at you, welcome at every meeting, and if the question is not of their department, then they call other departments and ask them. You always get information.

Hamidov Sanan, MSIT