MSIT student, Solomon Kyere about his studies at Clark


My Experience As An International Student At Clark University Of Astrakhan.

I am an international student from Ghana, and I am currently a master student at Clark University of Astrakhan-Russia.

After completing a first degree of Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Development Studies (Environment and Resource Management), I decided to further a master program in Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) at Clark University Astrakhan.

My experience as international student at Clark University Astrakhan, Russia Campus are based on the following development;

The International Experience

My experience as an international student has overall, been positive, any challenges I meet are outside the academic program such as language barrier. Astrakhan hosts many foreign students, interns and continuing students. I must mention the broad academic curriculum offered within a high-quality education system, the efficiently operating administration and infrastructure, and above all, the international environment.

University Support

As I mentioned earlier, Clark University has a very efficient administration structure that goes beyond enrolment procedure. The entire office of Clark are very much helpful with issues such as residence and visa renewal at the international office, proper lecture arrangement with the appropriate lecture presentation materials. The office also do assist in the accommodation for the international students which I became very much happy as that was already arranged. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed and properly guideline lines through well-organized orientation at the office as well as residence –advancing guidelines as I was new in Astrakhan and Russia as a whole.

The Academic Experience

As I progressed with my studies from the undergraduate course of BA, Integrated Development Studies (Environment and Resource Management), I found it more importantly to upgrade

myself in the technology fields. I easily catch up since all my courses are taught in English which am most fluent at speaking. I have gained much experience especially the ways team or group tasks and presentations in class. The professors, either locals or international are highly esteemed in their fields and also very friendly.

The Social Environment

Clark University Astrakhan offers an ideal multi-culture environment. Students all over the world are welcomed to pursue their studies in this warm environment. Socializing with my international classmates has been quite easy and more interactive. I still friend with with people from other countries whom I meet both within and outside campus.

With all these benefits as an international student studying at Clark University Astrakhan- Russia campus, as the academic and the international experience, social environment as well as university support, I have personally have a well-structured studies and have therefore recommended Clark University Astrakhan to other students especially those from my motherland .

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